Deal Announcement

DC Advisory France advises Alpha Private Equity on the acquisition of Vervent Audio Group from Naxicap Partners

23 Oct 2019


• In 2011, Focal, a French company which designs and sells high-fidelity audio systems, and Naim, a UK-based electronics specialist merged to form the Vervent Audio Group (Vervent), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-end and luxury audio equipment
• Vervent has created benchmark acoustic equipment for nearly 40 years for various markets, such as home audio loudspeakers, headphones and car speakers
• Since inception, Vervent has gained international recognition through iconic products such as its Utopia speakers or Muso system, which earned multiple worldwide awards
• Vervent Audio Group employs 430 people and is predicted to generate €110m in sales in 2019, of which c.80% will be international in nature


• Alpha Private Equity entered into exclusivity with Naxicap Partners to acquire Vervent following a competitive auction process initiated in July 2019
• DC Advisory assisted Alpha Private Equity in all the acquisition steps and in the implementation of a binding bank financing package


• The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2019 following its approval by the worker’s council of Vervent and the relevant competition authority
• Alpha Private Equity intends to support Vervent’s management team in its ambitious expansion plan, especially in the US and Asia

Deal Team

Fabrice Martineau

Managing Director

Nicolas Cofflard

Managing Director

Grégoire Philippe