Deal Announcement

DC Advisory advised Nibe on the acqusition of a 45% stake in Rhosis

01 Nov 2017

Headquartered in Sweden and listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange with a market capitalisation of c.€4bn, NIBE Industrier AB (NIBE or the Company) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in sustainable energy solutions supplying products for heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery, operating under the Climate Solutions, Element and Stoves business areas

Following a series of successful HVACR transactions in Italy, DC Advisory (DC) introduced Rhoss to NIBE in January 2017

DC was subsequently appointed to provide strategic insights and advise on the acquisition

With the assistance of DC and through numerous interactions between principals, it was quickly established that Rhoss represented a key pillar to NIBE Climate Solutions’ strategy of continued development of the heat pump product segment with respect to technology, performance, quality and design

On 23 November 2017, NIBE entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a 45% stake in Rhoss, with an option to acquire the remaining 55%

The acquisition of Rhoss represents NIBE’s eleventh since the beginning of 2016, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to continued consolidation of its position in Europe and North America through inorganic growth, the establishment of subsidiaries and leveraging other well-established sales channels

Deal Team

Michael Mariaz

Managing Director
United Kingdom

Gary Hancock

Executive Director
United Kingdom

Gerteric Lindquist, CEO and Managing Director at NIBE, commented:
“DC Advisory has a proven track record of success in the HVACR space, particularly in Italy. Their insights were invaluable over the course of this transaction and we are looking forward to working with Rhoss’ management team to explore opportunities to further expand our range of climate control products for the commercial segment.”

Michael Mariaz, Managing Director at DC Advisory, commented:
“NIBE’s acquisition of Rhoss represents DC’s fourth Italian HVACR transaction within the last 18 months. Convergence continues to drive consolidation in the space and demonstrates the need for innovative technologies to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations. We are very pleased to have assisted NIBE with this highly