Deal Announcement

DC Advisory advised Antin Infrastructure Partners on the acquisition of amedes Group from General Atlantic

20 Aug 2015

amedes Group (“amedes”) is a leading provider of medical diagnostic services, with 35 laboratories and 27 practices across Germany and Belgium. The business offers interdisciplinary and medical-diagnostic services for patients, medical practitioners, clinics and other institutions

DC Advisory (“DC”) was engaged by Antin Infrastructure Partners (“Antin IP”) to provide M&A and debt advice on the acquisition of amedes

The transaction was executed on a bilateral, non-competitive basis. The DC team ran a focused M&A and debt process, assisting Antin IP in conducting extensive due diligence, commercial negotiations, financial modelling and legal drafting, whilst also targeting key financing providers to arrange an infrastructure-style debt financing

DC ensured all internal workstreams were successfully completed within a challenging timeframe, while ensuring full confidentiality of the process

A robust infrastructure-style financing package, fully underwritten by Goldman Sachs, Nomura and CACIB, was delivered in line with Antin’s requirements for shareholder distributions whilst minimising cash sweeps, margins and fees; and featuring a large capex facility to support the continued growth of the business

On 10 July 2015, General Atlantic and Antin IP announced the signing of the agreement relating to the sale of the amedes Group to Antin IP. The acquisition price was not disclosed

Deal Team

Sergio Ronga

Managing Director
United Kingdom