We completed 191 deals in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Over 60% of the deals we completed in Europe were cross border – more than ever before.

Dealmakers globally
Europe-led cross border deals

At DC Advisory we understand that making decisions in unstable market conditions is tough.

The uncertainty surrounding the outcomes of Brexit recent and upcoming elections in Europe, coupled with the presidency of Donald Trump mean businesses will have to continue to navigate through challenging times. Despite this, our clients and dealmakers have had an active 12 months. And because we’ve continued to execute transactions throughout this period, we’ve built more market and sector knowledge and made new connections throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The quality and breadth of the 191 deals we completed in the last 12 months are testament to our ability. With every deal process our expertise grows for the benefit of both our existing and future clients. Today, this expertise is more valuable than ever before.

Thank you to our clients for choosing to work with us. We look forward to continuing to help our clients to do business during the challenging times ahead.

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We know how to complete deals in uncertain markets.

Highlights of our global reach in 2016-17

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